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March 15, 2014

Slowly But Surely Coming Together! New Cage Work

Got my car dropped off at Team 1 Motorsports to get my cage modified so it can conform to SCCA/NASA spec. The long and short of it is, a 6-point cage is perfectly fine, but it lacked the necessary cross brace and harness bar to get things up to code. That said, all of that was added and the results are so awesome, I can’t wait!


First, Jon (my fabricator and mechanic) got the tube notched and ready to weld.


Cross brace tacked into place and fitted. All that is left from here is to complete the welds and get the harness bar in.



The man is SUCH a genius with this stuff. He makes it look SO easy!


I can’t wait to continue with the roll cage project. We have ONE thing to do before we continue the cage. I’ll let you know what that thing is once all of the pieces are in place.


The cage will go forward with rear-strut-tower bracing and door bars. Then we MAY do a halo X-Brace . . .we’ll see.



Thanks so much for viewing!


February 26, 2014

VLOG3 and a Shake Down Run! AAAWWW YEAH!

I don’t really have a schedule for updating the blog, but I’ll try to do at least one a week. Please forgive any delays in posting, the racing season is picking up and so is work as an IT Consultant so I’m strung between two lines, LOL!  But enough about that!

The fun stuff. Got the car back up and running and she looks SOOOOOO awesome! Can’t wait to get to her first drift event. I’ve had a lot go on so I’m just gonna let the pictures and videos do the talking. We’ve gotten a lot done, new aero, cage welded down and reinforced, engine put back together and a shake down run! WHAT?! Yeah . . .I said it!

So let’s see these pics!


We saw the cage when it was mocked up, now it’s finalized. Next up is to put an SCCA Brace in it, that will happen before our first event.


Here’s a shot of how the cage and Derpy look in the car with everything buttoned up. Photo credit to Brandon Andrews

This is during the shake down run. The valve cover gasket wasn’t fitted properly (it was too large) so we had to modify it and seal it with gasket maker. Worked WONDERS! Photo Credit to Brandon Andrews.

This is how she currently sits. I love it! The wing and tow hook may not be for everyone, but I enjoy it. And it will be SO MUCH FUN at the track!

Here’s a cool shot from the mountain run! We see most of the “team” lined up. I put “team” in quotes because we’re anything but, we’re just a group of guys who likes to have fun! Respect for ourselves and respect for one another, that’s the code we live by! That’s the code we drive by!





I also had the change to get a VLOG up. So here’s VLOG 3, explaining the final steps on getting the car running and the body modifications setup. As always, the video will explain everything!



Click Here to Watch VLOG 3: The Head Gasket Returns and She LIVES!



I also got some video from my solo Shake Down run this past Sunday. The video below will show you the fun (and mistakes) that were had. It took some getting used to and the chassis is now more rigid that the suspension wants to deal with. So that’s a thing I’ll have to look into with my suspension setup. It’ll get all dialed in, piece by piece. I’m not gonna rush it.

At any rate . . . on with the video!


Click Here To Watch Derpy’s Mountain Run Shake Down!



Thank you so much for viewing! I hope you enjoyed!

February 15, 2014

WOAH! What a wild ride! We are Now GT Channel Partners!

Hey all, it’s been a long time away from the blog, but then again, it’s been a long time away from racing.


I won’t babble too much, but the short version is that I ran into some personal and financial issues that kept me from hitting the track as much as I wanted to. However, now I’m back in the south where I belong, where all the action is and I’m currently working on building Derpy up . . .


In the pictures below you’ll see that she’s almost ready to rock, her cage is in (not secured yet however), she’s completely gutted and she’s currently undergoing an engine rebuild/repair. The headgasket blew the weekend before a drift event, so we were kept from participating, but we’ll be ready for her next run. I’ll be picking up a second engine this coming weekend (2/16/2014) and will hopefully be getting both of these engines built up properly. It’s going to take time, but I’m ready for the challenge. We’ve got new toys, new tools and we’re constantly building the garage.



We are also now partners with GTChannel Network! I’m hoping this means more motivation and more inspiration to finish our build and to get her on the track running hard! Let us keep our fingers crossed!


Here’s some pics of how Derpy Sits now (blown engine and all)

The front part of the cage, looking great! You can see the dash is able to be kept and still provide the perfect amount of clearance. Not too tight, not too far from the panels. Just perfect!

Cage fits perfectly! Snug to the bulkhead, snug to the ceiling. I absolutely LOVE where this car is going. You can also see the hydraulic handbrake and quick release hub.

This pic was taken before the cage was put in, obviously, LOL! But it showcases the wheel that we’re using and gives you a better look of how the seat, handbrake and wheel go together. Very awesome!

This is her with the new door placard for 2014, you can also see she’s been lowered an inch and a half all around and the new helmet is on top. Note the wheel released from the hub

She’s also undergone an ECU upgrade. The new fuel maps and boost pressures are probably why the headgasket blew, LOL!

These sway bars were installed  and have DRASTICALLY changed her characteristics. I can't believe it's taken me so long to realize the effectiveness of these. One of the best modifications so far

These sway bars were installed and have DRASTICALLY changed her characteristics. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to realize the effectiveness of these. One of the best modifications so far

This is what happened to the head gasket. It took a chunk out of itself. New headgasket set has arrived, we'll be installing it asap

This is what happened to the head gasket. It took a chunk out of itself. New headgasket set has arrived, we’ll be installing it asap

Here's one of my new toys. No, not the iPad 4, the engine stand, LOL! I'm picking up a new engine this weekend so hopefully that will get some use here.

Here’s one of my new toys. No, not the iPad 4, the engine stand, LOL! I’m picking up a new engine this weekend so hopefully that will get some use here.

Here's the new torque wrench kit. This is the first one I've owned. My garage is getting built properly!

Here’s the new torque wrench kit. This is the first one I’ve owned. My garage is getting built properly!




So yes, lots of pictures because it’s been a VERY long time. I hope that makes up for the lack of updates. I apologize and will try my hardest, especially now that I’m with GTChannel, to make regular updates!  Now . . .let’s watch some



Here’s how we will be doing MOST of the updates. I think this is easier to view and easier AND more fun to keep up with. You get to see the emotion in my eyes and hear the enthusiasm in my voice each and every update. So that’s how we’ll be getting those updates to you guys going forward. I’ll still have pictures and text occasionally, but for the most part it will be videos to the masses ^_^


Without any further delay . . .here they are


Here’s VLOG1

Here's VLOG1, gives a basic introduction of how everything will be going forward and what you can expect from these!

Here’s VLOG1, gives a basic introduction of how everything will be going forward and what you can expect from these!



I discuss our partnership with GTChannel here and talk about what's going on with Derpy.

I discuss our partnership with GTChannel here and talk about what’s going on with Derpy.




That’s it for now! I hope you enjoy! I can’t wait to bring you more content and I hope you tell your friends to check us out. Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Youtube channel and get your buddies to check out the blog and videos as well! Thank you all SO SO much for tuning in!





October 13, 2013

Derpy The [Hoonigan]

LOL! It’s no secret, I live in Alpharetta, GA. I met up with a friend of mine and we took our Starquests (he has a Starion I have a Conquest) down to Downtown Atlanta to have some fun . . .the following pictures and photos are ALL CGI! Nothing you are about to see actually happened








Justin fueling up his gorgeous black Starion


Derpy, looking so raw and menacing!


Sittin pretty!



Below you will find a link to the video!!!  WOOO HOOO!





Justin and Dave's Excellent Adventure

Justin and Dave’s Excellent Adventure



Lots of fun had by all!  I can’t wait to get more action! WOO HOO!


October 11, 2013

It’s been a LONG WHILE! Updates, Touge Runs, MORE!

Sooooo . . .yush . . .it’s been a while

A long while 😦

I’m very VERY sorry that I’ve been away so long, there’s been a lot of crap going on in my life that has kinda taken me away from the game. But, I’ll try to be more diligent and post more things up here so that people can get a sense for what’s going on with Derpy once again.

Well, the shot version is, I moved to NY for a bit, decided that wasn’t going to work, so now I’m back in Georgia, LOL! Sweet Georgia! Much better here than NY, for a multitude of reasons. But I’m considerably happier now.

So let’s just jump to the present. A group of buddies and I do these Monthly Mountain Runs that are really fun. We’ve closed the group now but we will start to open it up once the kinks and bugs are worked out of the system. I’ll post some pictures from that below.

Derpy had some issues with oil and boost, all have been resolved and she’s running better than ever now. Lots of responsive power and tons of peppy tail-happy handling that we love so much about her. She’s a good girl and I plan on keeping her that way.

Ummm, trying to think of anything else IMPORTANT! Umm, not really much going on. The mountain runs have been a blast, getting her fixed and going on a few shakedown runs has been awesome. But that’s really it!

OH! I plan on driving her up to New Jersey for a show. So stay tuned for THAT! It’ll be amazing!



The Monthly Mountain Run:








Derpy Run 1




Such a fun FUN car! I can’t wait to get back out there! Our next run is on the 27th of October! I hope to see some of you out there for one of these!


April 27, 2013

Renewed My SCCA/NASA Memberships! Aiming For Time Trials!

Those who have known me for a while know that I held SCCA and NASA memberships about 4 years ago but dropped them to focus on drifting exclusively. Well I recently got the itch to do some group racing and time trials (more specifically hill climbs) so I recently reupped them both in hopes to get the best chance of participation as I get closer to preparedness. It’s an expensive journey but one that I’m willing to FACE this time, instead of just talking about it like so many do and never realize.




Img below.


SCCA on the Left, NASA on the Right.

April 25, 2013

Derpy’s Water Trip! Long Island Sound!

I’ll keep the text intro simple ^_^

Derpy and I head to the water, she loves everything about the water and had so much fun and, of course, got a TON of attention, questions and even a few burn out requests!  Gotta love that!

Anyway, here we go, she loved this trip!


 photo IMG_20130424_145642_577_zps22f91b9a.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_145622_872_zpsbada750f.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_145549_288_zpsbfa6ae82.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_145527_171_zps78d6ffb9.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_145505_708_zpsb4ffecfa.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_145043_223_zpsc61c37fa.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_144805_605_zps26bc5141.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_143758_856_zps562e705f.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_143649_383_zpsadc7e3c2.jpg
 photo IMG_20130424_143620_810_zpsf928cae5.jpg

April 21, 2013


Help Complete Derpy’s Livery!




Hey there everyone and HELLO EVERYPONY!


Derpy and I need your help in finishing her racing livery! Basically we would like a clean design that’s clean and flows with the rest of her livery. I’ve already heard some cool suggestions on Derpy’s facebook page




And on my facebook page:




But now I’d LOVE to hear from each of you! What do you think should happen? Submit your ideas to me on my facebook page or here in the comments and if we choose your design or idea you’ll see it on the car at the next drift event! We may even try to setup a prize for the winner or something!


That’d be fun!


Anyway, let me know what you all think!


Thank you so much for your help, I love you all SO VERY MUCH!

March 31, 2013

Driver Identification: Check! Team Identification: CHECK! Plus Thunderlane!

I recently enlisted the help of a buddy of mine, Brent with Design It Wraps & Graphics, with getting some door ID’s and team ID’s setup for my car, he accepted and the following is the result! I’m SUPER STOKED with how all of this came out! To top it all off, my VW, Thunderlane, decided to get his cutie mark as well!

Today was a good day! ^_^

 photo IMG_20130331_102354_460_zps44b4af1c.jpg

 photo IMG_20130331_102405_650_zpsd27c7b37.jpg

 photo IMG_20130331_103649_211_zps68526699.jpg

 photo IMG_20130331_103702_420_zpsad38366e.jpg


And now for some Thunderlane!




 photo IMG_20130331_105046_679_zps8f14e1e2.jpg

 photo IMG_20130331_105102_848_zps6831f14c.jpg

March 15, 2013

*SQUEE* Derpy and I Need Your Help To Find an XBL User!

Help Dave Connect With This User!

As you can see, someone has made a pretty BANG ON clone of my car in Forza. The best part is, I don’t even KNOW the guy! I wish I did, I’d tell him “Thank You SO MUCH!” and give him a big ol Virtual High-Five . . .probably a hug! I know Derpy would hug him with all four hooves and her wings! This is absolutely awesome and I’m sincerely flattered by this gesture and homage to Derpy Hooves [Drifting is Magic].  I’m sincerely impressed! This is EPIC! Thank you, whoever you are!

Derpy has LITERALLY been making this face all night!


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