David "Derpy Drift" Adams

October 7, 2015

Not Your Average Joe’s Intake!

Well . . .it kinda is . . .but I feel like it’s special . . .every kit is HAND MADE so every kit is just a little different.


At any rate . . .let me set the mood.

One late-summer’s late night, I find myself browsing the internet and I, as usual, wind up back on Facebook. A thread gets started about intakes on the Mazdaspeed Miata and their usefulness comes into question. Everyone starts mentioning that they either have or would like to have an intake and one particular intake keeps being brought up with reverence: Joe’s Intake.

The name may seem generic and simple but the results are anything but! Horsepower and Torque both go up in amounts that are more than just readable on a dynomometer and torque numbers to boot. In fact, if I’m remembering correctly, the torque numbers were better than that you’d see from Flyin Miata!  Now I loves me some FM, but I also love savings the money!  So when Joe told me he could get me horsepowers and torques for less than FM . . . .I jump in it!

Anyhoozle, so I scour the internet trying to find this “Joe” guy . . .and I begin to think he doesn’t even exist! Turns out . . HE DOES EXIST and he’s on Facebook. He reached out to ME (of all possible scenarios) and I was overjoyed. He mentioned that he’s doing one final run of intakes and I could get in if I would like!



I immediately tell him to shut up and take my money, he does and 4 weeks later, I have an awesome looking box at my door!

Said Box! :3 ^_^

Said Box! :3 ^_^

I immediately begin working on the car . . .well . . .I take that back. I’m a Unix Admin, as some of you already know, so I have to WORK and work on the car at the same time . . .oh well. I wasn’t trying to set a record for fastest completion time, so no sweat.

I remove all the stocky bits:

The stocky bits

The stocky bits

How clean the engine looks with all that piping cleared up and that box gone!

How clean the engine looks with all that piping cleared up and that box gone!

I’m a little bummed that many of my upgrades are now negated . . .but I guess it’s okay . . .

This is why we have for sale posts! I don't know what these are worth, Joe says about 150.

This is why we have for sale posts!
I don’t know what these are worth, Joe says about 150.

Oh well . . que sera sera . . .that’s life in the tuning biz . . . ONE plus side is that my spreadsheet with total invested gets reset. I’ll only have the price of the car and the intake will incorporate the BOV, inlet and intake all in one . . .it’s a bit of a win! I’ll take that victory!

Here’s the final product. I still need to clean things up, but I got a call from our App Support team and I had to do some code-merges and code fixes. So I tightened the last of the bolts and snapped this quick picture. As I’m typing this, I’m reminding myself to get out there and double check everything before closing the hood!

All buttoned up! SOOO pretty! I can't wait to drive this! Video soon!

All buttoned up! SOOO pretty! I can’t wait to drive this! Video soon!

I know, I know . . .a big fat BOOOOO because I don’t have any driving footage. Well, it’s 21:30 and it’s dark. It can wait until the weekend! Besides it’ll give me a chance to shake things down and see what I forgot to tighten!

Thank you all for tuning in!


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