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October 27, 2012

Mountain Road Photoshoot

I really wanted to get some more photos, but I ran into some issues and had to cut it short. Oh well . . .the ones that came out well, came out really well 🙂








Thank you for viewing!


October 26, 2012

New Goodies Purchased and Installed!

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Hey there everyone! Just doing a quick update to show you all some of the new parts picked up and installed


First up is the meat of the meal. The boost controller. Running stock boost still, we haven’t installed the gauges yet and I want to make sure that I’m not running too lean or too much boost. I can’t wait until Tyler stops by to help us out with that!




Next up comes the headlight and foglight setup that we’ve done. The first image is the headlights in the box . . .the foglights were taken out and laminexed to get the yellow finish.





A comment on the Facebook page was “Somebody’s got jaundice!”. LOL! I love it! That’s funny! But yes, I am truly digging the setup, I can’t wait to get more parts installed!


Check out Derpy’s Facebook page, here!




Derpy is definitely best pony and best car!

Thanks all!


February 23, 2012

Get that cat off my turbo!

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WOW! I have nothing to say but WOW! So I have several friends and two of those friends are mechanics. One is my personal mechanic that I have used forever and the other is a friend that works as a BMW tech for a dealership. Today, our venture was to remove the catalytic converter from my exhaust system (primary not pre-cat) and see what that does.


I have a few pictures from that!



Here’s Juan and Terry getting ready to weld after cutting out the old cat.


And there’s the test pipe they’ve welded in in place of the catalytic converter! So awesome!  It’s not much louder than it was as the TSi’s have a pretty growly and gnarly sound anyway but it’s much . . .MUCH quicker through the gears! Natural Aspiration has NOTHING on the affects of turbocharged modifications. This car is seriously quick now, and it’s probably just over the stock feeling! I say that because the car never really “wow’d” me until now. When I first drove it, it felt slow and it felt slow as I continued to drive it. Both of my mechanics say that it’s most likely due to a clogged catalytic converter (which I didn’t even know could happen) and it behaved like an exhaust plug literally suffocating the car. A great guy I met on the StarquestClub Forums also helped to come to this realization and has given me some AWESOME tips and tricks for making this a wicked drifter!


I can’t wait!



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