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September 3, 2015

New Wheels Installed . . .

After a bit of trial, that is.

So, as we are up to speed (pun intended) it’s known that I recently purchased some wheels and tyres┬áfor the MSM (Mazdaspeed Miata). I take them over to Discount Tire to get mounted and balanced and they looks ready to go and I’m excited to get them rolling.

I pull off the old wheels, place the new wheels on, after installing the locking lug nut, I go to put the rest of them on. BAM! The factory lug nuts are too short and too wide to go on properly. LOL! I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy!


You have to love that Free One-Day (sometimes same-day) shipping on items. I order some new lug nuts, longer and narrower of course, and get them in the following day.


So I get the wheels unloaded and setup to install.

Wheels are ready to setup. Leaning against Octavia (my Verano) looking so cool!

Wheels are ready to setup. Leaning against Octavia (my Verano) looking so cool!

I pull the first wheel off and weigh it . . . It’s roughly 1KG per inch of diameter. Not the heaviest but definitely not the lightest.

17 and a half kg. That's not TOO bad . . .but stepping down will definitely help.

17 and a half kg. That’s not TOO bad . . .but stepping down will definitely help.

Just for good measure, I weigh the next wheel as well. It’s not MUCH lighter, but a 2KG difference is supposedly pretty big when considering it’s unsprung and rotational. The new lug nuts we purchased are also CONSIDERABLY lighter than the factory ones. By a very tangible amount. So that helps too!

Right around 15.5kg . . .good bit of difference supposedly. I'm not convinced yet, but people swear by it.

Right around 15.5kg . . .good bit of difference supposedly. I’m not convinced yet, but people swear by it.

Of course, it was at this point that I absolutely HAD to run into another road block! ­čśŽ

Yep, I couldn’t use the 4-way as the socket-portion was too wide to clear the spokes of the wheel. So I went out and picked up a 21mm 1/2″ socket for my torque wrench (which you ALWAYS use to tighten your wheels on, right?!?!) :p

Freakin 6 freakin dollars!

Freakin 6 freakin dollars!

I get home, get everything sorted (after misplacing my wheel key several times, HAHAHA) and finally get all four properly placed (directional tyres ) and installed.

These bad boys ride as good as they look! I'm super satisfied with this purchase. Good upgrade!

These bad boys ride as good as they look! I’m super satisfied with this purchase. Good upgrade!

Only did a VERY small amount of driving to shuffle the cars back around back into the garage properly. I can already tell the car is going to ride, handle and GO a lot better than it did before. Just from the little bit of movement. I’m hoping that it prove to be true. I’m very satisfied with the look, now I just have to lower the damn car! HAHAHA! The $$$$ never ends, right?

Here’s a comparison pic, for good measure:

You can see it sits a hair lower, but the wheels are nearly the same size after you factor in tyre height.  Good stuff!

You can see it sits a hair lower, but the wheels are nearly the same size after you factor in tyre height.
Good stuff!

August 22, 2015

A New Look, A New Location, A New Start!

So we’ve had some interesting times in the Derpy Drift project, yeah? ┬áThere have been some crazy years, we’ve gone from heavy blogging to no blogging to heavy blogging to vlogging. It’s been insane! HAHA!
Well, I’m sorta back, and we’ve got a LOT of updates. Firstly, Derpy, as she was known previously, is no more. Much of the livery has been removed and while we understand this will disappoint a lot of viewers, it’s strategic. In pursuing a more focused approach to racing, this move will help open up a platform for support and representation that we feel many will appreciate. Also, the newly-fashionable “stickerless” look is worth giving a shot.

Don’t worry, I’ll leave a nod or two on the car for those who know how this car became a spotlight vehicle in the first place. I have not and will not forget my fans and friends I’ve made over the years. Just because the vehicle is changing doesn’t mean I am. ┬áTime helps us to evolve, not change.


I have, regrettably , had to part ways with a few vehicles. The RX7 is sold as is the F-150. Not a fun decision to have to make and it wasn’t for financial reasons, but for space and convenience purposes. I am now located in Carmel, IN as part of some unexpected life turmoil but am doing quite well for myself, so that’s good!


My newest toy, to live life with Octavia (my 2013 Buick Verano), is a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata. Her name is Audrey and she’s an absolute BLAST. Every little twist and turn of the modification-wheel makes this car infinitely better than it was before. She handles like a Miata, goes like a Porsche. It’s tough to explain how this car makes life and how well she fills the void while Derpy undergoes surgery and awaits her next event.

I’ll update the blog with pictures and videos as they come to fruition. Hopefully it can be a constant thing again, yes? HAHA!

Anyway, pictures and video!



Some pictures:

Derpy, as she sits now:

Derpy as she sits now. Large vinyls removed, the remainder will happen once she’s up here so we can pick and choose, then she’ll get painted ­čÖé


Coilovers installed, brakes (obviously not shown) are installed as well. So she handles and stops better!


The cage now has door bars and is fully welded in. There will be a rear cross section added in addition to this.



Here’s Audrey:

Here’s how she looked the day I bought her



At the dealer the day I picked her up!



Here’s how she looks now! Not much different but a few additions. ┬áVideo first, then pictures ^_^







April 23, 2014


Hey everyone in internet land, David Adams here again. Bringing you another VLOG update and some progress on the RX7. Derpy is still in the shop, the mechanics are making sure everything is in line and all of the ducks are in a row before tearing loose on her, so we’re still focusing on the 7 for now. We’ve done some upgrades and got some new stuff rocking like a new master cylinder, upgraded brakes and . . hehe . . well . . .you’ll see in the VLOG! So without any delay . . .lets tear into it!


Got the new pads and rotors in! EBC Yellowstuffs and SP Performance Slotted rotors! These feel amazing already, I can’t wait until they’re fully broken in!


You can see the old, very worn, rotors as compared to the new ones. The reason the new ones are that color is because of the protective coating. That wears off during break-in.


The stock pads compared to the EBCs. BIG difference and it was time to get those changed out anyway. So why not go with the Top-Of-The-Line setup for street/track?


Uh oh! Hehehe . . .what’s he doing up there? :3


This may be the MOST literal picture you see this year! A Rotary Lift Lifting a Rotary!








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