David "Derpy Drift" Adams

August 29, 2015

Wheels, Tires and Road Trips, Oh my!

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Hey all, so this should be a fairly quick update, pics only I’m afraid.

Did some purchasing, did some shopping around and got a great deal on wheels.

Before we get started, I want EVERYONE READING THIS to go over to A-Spec Wheels and Tires LLC and bookmark their page. The next time you need some wheels for your daily driver, show car or track toy, look them up FIRST. Tell them I sent you and maybe they’ll give you a good price . . .maybe they’ll charge you more. I think Nick is a little jelly of my MSM, LOL!

I’ll go into detail on that in a minute, but first, I want to start my story by saying that I am doing a second build, LOL! It’s official. The MSM is officially being turned into another project. At first the plan was just to play around with a few things, spice it up a notch and have fun while doing it. With the realization that my next modification for this car is going to be a megasquirt ECU, I think that officially puts the car in Project Status.

I want to bump my wheels down to something a little more usable and decided to go with a set of 16s. Now those who know me, know I hate spending unnecessary money on wheels so I try to find deals. My good friend, now viewed more as a little brother, William, showed me a deal on some Twisted Spoke Miata 16’s for only 100 dollars! Yes, you read that correctly . . 100 bucks for twisted spokes! The catch? Oh there’s always a catch . . .I had to go ALL THE WAY to Troy, Ohio to get them 😦

Oh well, that’s what luxury cars are for, right? So I hopped in the Verano, put on my Creepypasta playlist (yeah, I listen to creepypastas, what of it? LOL!) and headed off on the 2 and a half hour venture.

When I get there, I load up these awesome puppies:


Then head back home . . .

Oh yeah, I’m definitely a happy camper!


A few days pass and I get a notification letting me know that my wheels from A-Spec have arrived! With too much excitement to wait, I decide that I better go get them, besides . . .it gives me an excuse to drive my car again, LOL!

Wheels go here

Wheels go here

See, I told you!

See, I told you!

I get them home, unpack them and immediately get VERY excited as I realize this project is coming together quite nicely.


I am going to take my time as much as possible as I still have another track car, other hobbies, a fiancee and other responsibilities to adhere to, but I think this will be a fun project that should tide my car-guy side over until my Derpy is ready!

I hope this was fun for ya and I hope you check back as we continue the build!

Thanks for checking it out!

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